Tideway Nostalgia
Paul M Smith

If you don't know by now, my name is Paul Smith, I went throught the School system in Sussex from Roderick Avenue Infants, Telscombe Juniors, and then Tideway from 1970-73, when the family moved to Essex. Below are some souvenirs from those days, remembering my friends, and life at the school. If you remember me, Mail Me! .If you have relevent photos etc, send them too, and maybe I'll add them to these pages. The first 4 pictures are from my autograph book, with many familiar names:- are you there? There's various trivial bits of paper that might bring back memories, and pages from "Inform" the School paper.


auto1 auto2 auto3 auto4 exchange inform1
auto1.jpg   auto2.jpg   auto3.jpg   auto4.jpg   exchange.jpg   inform1.jpg  
inform2 inform3 inform4 inform5 inform6 inform7
inform2.jpg   inform3.jpg   inform4.jpg   inform5.jpg   inform6.jpg   inform7.jpg  
inform8 jestyandme joe passport second southdown
inform8.jpg   jestyandme.jpg   joe.jpg   passport.jpg   second.jpg   southdown.jpg  
ticket timetable ttarticle wbridge wbuckle wgroup
ticket.jpg   timetable.jpg   ttarticle.jpg   wbridge.jpg   wbuckle.jpg   wgroup.jpg  
wgroupn wlclub      

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