Yes at Leicester DeMontfort Hall 1980 and 2014
Photographs by Paul Smith

25th November 1980 / 6th May 2014

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Paul S

Two concerts, just a few years apart


The guitars remain the same

Prices go up

Bill, Jon and Rick still couldn't make it

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yes-1980-10 yes-1980-11 yes-1980-12 yes-1980-13 yes-1980-14
yes-1980-15 yes-1980-16 yes-1980-17 yes-1980-18 yes-1980-19
yes-1980-20 yes-1980-21 yes-1980-22 yes-1980-23 yes-1980-24
yes-1980-25 yes-1980-26 yes-1980-27 yes-1980-28 yes-1980-29
yes-1980-30 yes-1980-31 yes-1980-32 yes-1980-33 yes-1980-34
yes-1980-35 yes-1980-36 yes-1980-37 yes-1980-38 yes-1980-39
yes-1980-40 yes-1980-41 yes-1980-42 yes-1980-43 yes-1980-44
yes-1980-45 yes-1980-46 yes-1980-47 yes-2014-00 yes-2014-01
yes-2014-02 yes-2014-03 yes-2014-04 yes-2014-05 yes-2014-06
yes-2014-07 yes-2014-08 yes-2014-09 yes-2014-10 yes-2014-11
yes-2014-12 yes-2014-13 yes-2014-14 yes-2014-15 yes-2014-16
yes-2014-17 yes-2014-18 yes-2014-19 yes-2014-20 yes-2014-21
yes-2014-22 yes-2014-23 yes-2014-24 yes-2014-25 yes-2014-26
yes-2014-27 yes-2014-28 yes-2014-29 yes-2014-30 yes-2014-31
yes-2014-32 yes-2014-33 yes-2014-34 yes-2014-35 yes-2014-36
yes-2014-37 yes-2014-38 yes-2014-39 yes-2014-40 yes-2014-41
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