University of Leicester New Medical School Building

"Centre for Medicine"

New Med School

Artist's impression of the new Medical Teaching Building. Credit: Associated Architects

March 20th, looking from Regent Road towards Lancaster Road
March 3rd 2014 and the heavy plant (no, not Plantaganet) arrives on site. I had to crane my neck to see
13th/14th Feb 2014. Still no sign of any more Kings
Those busy diggers, 29/01/14 ---
---and their hole 04/02/14
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Road Closed
January 7th 2014
New Medical School Ground breaking
New Medical School Ground breaking
Ground Breaking December 18th 2013
December 4th 2013
New building 26-11-13
26th November 2013
New med School November
Work on site starts, early November 2013
On the left, March 2012, before any work undertaken and on the right, March 2013 with work at the
Regent road end of the site, making way for the new sports pitches