University of Leicester Centre for Medicine

cfm construction

The construction phase of the bulding is now complete. This page shows the finished building exterior, and some internal detail. Click on the link below to view the building under construction. All photos CFM Construction pages
New B/W Images
The rear of the building doesn't get its fair share of attention as it's often in shadow. So here it is, and as an apolgy to
this very fine rear (view), hover your mouse over the image to see the approximate location of the many seats of learning.
As mentioned below, difficult to get a good viewpoint for a full on shot, that is not obscured by trees. So I moved them. This mock up just for fun, it's inaccurate in many ways. Please don't use elsewhere.
It's difficult to get a good viewpoint (i.e. far enough away, not obscured by trees) for a front on view of CFM - this is my best compromise
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