University of Leicester New Medical School Building

"Centre for Medicine"

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Artist's impression of the new Medical Teaching Building. Credit: Associated Architects
January 28th 2016
Perhaps I should get some cider to go with this Rosie glow. (I had to wait for a Laurie to pass by --) January 25th 2016
The Barriers have gone, 22nd January 2016
Sneak preview of CFM Interior, 20th January 2016
12th January 2016

Uninrsity of Leicester new Medical School Building, "Centre for Medicine" now really looking more like a building than a building site.
7/8 January 2016. Nicer sky on 7th, shame about the intrusive van

The Old and the New , December 1st 2015
A Mist Opportunity (November 2015)
Not the same with the mist missing
Ref below: It is now a few days later, and this was an hour or so earlier.
Just a bit too dark for this, will try again a bit earlier, later.
Really starting to look like the artists impression. Click on image to view higher resolution version.

Went out to photograph the planting, but the clouds were more interesting


New Med October 9th 2015

New Med October 9th 2015
No Med - March 16th 2012
The first faked pic on these pages, thanks to Photoshop
Late September 2015
--and a reminder of February 2014
Feb 14
Back to "normal" lighting (23rd September 2015) and note the whitewash going on. Looks good
Clouds/Centre for Medicine 21st September 2015
Cloud and rain, then in the space of ten minutes I turned round as the sun broke through
Seem that while I was out they lost the crane. The scissor jacks just don't have the same impact
28th August 2015
10th September 2015
10th September 2015
July 23rd 2015. Changes not as obvious now, but the cladding's coming on nicely
Green as green can be, early June 2015
The building and its budding envirnonmental credentials, as it attempts to hide behing the trees, and-
- There ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) [2015]
It was a bright and windy day, with two cross polarised polarisers to act as neutral density, to give 8 sec exposure
Back to green a few days later, with detail from sculpture. (More below)
May 07 2015
Not much new to see, so here's a few "Infra Red" style photos. See more about infra red photography


Official University of Leicester Video, giving an interesting early insight, and reference to the buildings's "passivhaus" status
Late April 2015
Hoardings Away! - as preparation is made for work on the road junction.
April 16 2015 - Glad to be Clad
Centre for medicine leicester
Centre for medicine leicester
Centre for medicine leicester
Even the plastic sheeting is happy. When the cladding is complete I'll invite the Dave Clarke Five to sing Clad all over
April 14/15 2015
On reflection - New Building reflecting in the old, with non reflecting magnolia either side
University of Leicester Centre for medicine renewal sculpture
University of Leicester Centre for medicine renewal sculpture
University of Leicester Centre for medicine renewal sculpture

The sculpture ‘Renewal’by Diane Maclean, which will represent the Centre for Medicine Project and Appeal, is situated in the Highcross Centre, Leicester, before its eventual move to the Centre for Medicine. For more information about the Sculpture see the University of Leicster press release. To contribute to the appeal, go the "Just Giving" page

Compare and Contrast - The first Blossom of Spring, March 2015 & The last Colours of Autumn , November 2014
Mid February 2015
On the left, the lights are on, on the right of the right, the cladding starts to go on
February 2015 - Is that a balcony or diving board they're installing?
A dusting of snow, January 30 2015
Note now the solitary crane
Nearly Christmas - December 2014
Another comparison shot. A lot has happened on site between March and November 2014
November 25th 2014
March 20th 2104
Mid November 2014
Last of the Autumn Colours ?
November 6th 2014

Sunrise over the site, with just a silhouette of the
taller crane visible. Photo taken from Glenfield Road.

November 4th 2014
An excuse to take some more evening/night photos. Leaves are off the trees, more of the building can be seen from the roadside
Click on the images above for larger versions
October 27th 2014
Time waits for no man, nor does a long reach boom pump, pumping away in the dark.
Mid October 2014, Glazing starts --
Ubiversity of Leicester School of Medicine
University of Leicester
Leicester University Leicester University new Medical School
Leicester Medical School Leicester new Medical School Leicester Centre for Medicine Leicester Medical School

October 1st / September 1st 2014

Slightly different viewpoint, but see the progress from September 1st on the left to October 1st to the right
Late September 2014
Three photos without fish
September 19 2014
Three mock fish-eye pics. Not sure I know of any mock fish, pseudocarp perhaps, but that's a strawberry (e.g.)
September 16 2014

Oh Lofty cranes
In your shroud of cloud
I love the cut of your jibs
I wonder, however
(In case of spillage)
Should you be wearing bibs?

September 01 2014
Seats of Learning? The start of a lecture theatre, or random ramp
August 04 2014

As the building gains in height, a large red thing appears on site
(also known as a Long Reach Boom Pump, so I believe)

July 24 2014
July 04 2014
Centre for Medicine Appeal ----
June 19 2014
Reinforcing my view that things are progressing above ground level
June 11 2014
May 2014
Perhaps any Yorkists in Leicester are expecting company?
Getting close to ground level in places

April 2014

2nd April - 2014 With the arrival of another crane on site, I wonder if they are expecting to find further royalty in the big hole
Richard of York Gained Battle in Vain?
Rainbow over the site, March 24th 2014