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QuickTime Movies in PowerPoint Presentations (For PC)

Your presentation will run more reliably on a varity of computers if you don't use Quicktime movies. Although these instructions offer workrounds/temprorary solutions, you will be better off converting you files from Quicktime/MOV to a more PowerPoint friendly format such as wmv. I now use freemake a free video converter. Other software also available, see these links

* In PowerPoint 2010 Quicktime Movies should play without any conversion, as long as Quicktime player is installed on the computer. See my PowerPoint 2010 instructions for Quicktime movies *

It is possible to have a QuickTime movie, ( "MOV" file), play in PowerPoint but this involves  using the PowerPoint Control tool box. Click here for instructions on how to embed the "Apple QuickTime Control 2.0" into your presentation, or read on for details of the QTVR Control X Active control for QuickTime, which is not available as part of Windows. It is available free (or can be purchased) from the George Birbilis website, click here to  access, then download "QTVRControlX_unregistered_20040513a.exe" Double click on the file to Install in the usual way. Please note that you must also have QuickTime player installed on your computer

Now open PowerPoint and the slide in which you wish to insert the move. Display the control toolbar. ("View", then "Toolbars" then "Control Toolbox"). Click on the "more controls"  icon at the bottom right of the toolbar.  From the list that appears, scroll down and  select
 "QTVRControlX  control". The mouse pointer will change to a crosshair. Now click and drag to insert a rectangular, placeholder. When you release the mouse button a warning  box appears to say that you are using an unregistered version of the software, click ok, and you will then see the placeholder. You can re-size this at any time by clicking and dragging on the corner/centre markers.

[Control Toolbar] [List of Controls] [Unregistered File Warning] [Movie Placeholder]

Now right click within the box you have created, select "QTVRControlX Object", then properties. In the Properties box that appears, browse to your movie file by clicking on the box to the right of the filename window. You can choose to have the movie loop, controls visible, etc, by ticking the appropriate box. Click ok. The placeholder box will be  unchanged, but when you launch your PowerPoint presentation the movie will start  within the slide.
Remember that this technique will not work on Lecture Theatre Computers, because the QTVR control is not available. If, for example you are using your own laptop, ensure that the QTVR control and QuickTime player are installed, and that the movie file is also present!.   For other QuickTime fixes, see "Further Suggestions" below.

[Access to Control Properties] [QTVR Properties] [QuickTime Movie in a PowerPoint Slide]

Further Suggestions:
The current version of QuickTime is 6.x. - Early versions, 1, 2, and 2.5 should work directly in PowerPoint
QuickTime movies (MOV) can be converted to other formats which will play in PowerPoint.
You can link to QuickTime movies on local drives from your PowerPoint presentation. This will launch the movie in the QuickTime player. There is no "full screen" option in the free QuickTime player
Internet Explorer can play QuickTime movies. If you have web space available, you can save your QuickTime movie there, (subject to file size) and either link to it from PowerPoint, or directly from the IE browser. Click here for an example. If you want to play the movie in Internet Explorer from your local drive you will need to associate the MOV format with Internet explorer.

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This  information  involves the use of a third party application.
Note: Details on these pages relate to Windows  and PowerPoint  2000/2003. In most case they are similar for Windows 98 and XP.
Please contact me for any further info. Movies are handled rather differently in PowerPoint 2010 - See detail