Programs for converting  QuickTime Movies (MOV files) to AVI/WMV (for example)

You can covert quicktime files so that they will play in PowerPoint on most PCs. There are many programs available to try, or buy at reasonable cost to do this. Click on the links below for examples.

See Paul Smith's PowerPoint Index

Freemake Video Converter Free, versatile and reliable converter. Also some basic editing

Replay AV- Converter


Very useful capture and converting software - converts MOV file directly to WMV - Cost involved, but Free Demo available
Ulead Video Studio

Versatile editing software, costs involved, but the full version can be downloaded for a 30 day trial
Movie Converter 

Simple converter only, cost invloved, trial version available
Front End Convert Drop  Free, easy to use conversion software

Note: Details on these pages relate to Windows  and PowerPoint  2000/2003. In most case they are similar for Windows 98 and XP.
Please contact me for any further info. Movies are handled rather differently in PowerPoint 2010 - See detail