Newhaven Technical College

Refurbishement of the Railway Quay starts, with the development of a technical college. Shame to see the Engine Sheds go, but good for Newhaven,
I think. Here's some pics of the site over the years. See more of my Newhaven photos on
December 2015 - A not entirely real panorama, stitched together form 4 or 5 pics. Click on the image above
to view the full size version - and find the joins ---
UTC harbourside
Update at 17th August 2015
newhaven technical college Newhaven Technical Colecge March 2015
Image Ref: (March 2015)
August 2013
March 2015
August 2013
March 2015
The East Quays
Click on the pic above to view a stitched panorama of the east quays, with the railway quay in context (2009)
1974 -Note the old swing bridge in the foreground
April 2015 "New" Swing bridge closed for repairs overnight this weekend
1992 With MV Southsea
Two more from 2015, B/W vs Colour

Both pics 2013

Sumer 1992
Spring 2013
Detail, December 2014
A farewell from Sammy the Seagull. Come back soon