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Newhaven Harbour and Swing Bridge

Newhaven Harbour 1994


These pages feature pictures from my collection of photograhs taken in and around Newhaven Harbour, Newhaven, East Sussex. The earliest is of the old wooden swing bridge, shortly after decommissioning in 1974, and continue to the present day. Click on the links below and browse - let me know if you find these pages - I would welcome further informationa about any of the photos, and details of any errors.


Technical College East/Railway Quay Development Newhaven-Dieppe-ferry
Click on the picture to the left to view my photo collection of the Newhaven Dieppe ferries, 1977 to date.
Newhaven Harbour Sandy Beach
Two pictures merged to show all of Newhaven Sandy Beach. May we have it back, please?



Harbour Entrance Webcam
Rough Seas at Newhaven
Newhaven Harbour Pictures (1)
Newhaven Harbour Pictures (2)
Newhaven West Quay 360 degree Panorama (c1999)
Newhaven Harbour Pictures (2006 Update)
Newhaven / Brighton 2008
The East Quays 2009
Dieppe (Gare Maritime de Dieppe)
Me and Tideway
The West Pier Brighton
Newhaven, Leith, Edinburgh
Newhaven Derbyshire
Nyhavn Copenhagen
More Paul Smith Photography



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Take a look  at this amazing clip of steam in Newhaven, (Sussex) about 1960, courtesy of "Southern railway films "