The Musician Leicester January 16th 2016

I was asked to take some photos of "The Levy" at the Musician pub, Leicester.
They were one of four bands/artists performing that evening. Each performance was awesome, so as I took a few photos of each, here they are.

(and more stuff by me,

See also the facebook Pages for each
  The Anker Valley Boys
avb001 avb002 avb003 avb004
avb005 avb006 avb007 avb008
avb009 avb010 avb011 avb012
avb013 avb014 avb015 avb016
avb017 avb018 avb019 avb020
avb021 avb022 avb023 avb024
avb025 avb026 avb027 avb028
avb029 avb030 avb031 avb032
avb033 avb034 avb035 avb036
avb037 avb038 avb039 avb040
Michael Vickers
mv001 mv002 mv003 mv004
mv005 mv006 mv007 mv008
mv009 mv010 mv011 mv012
mv013 mv014    
Remy Turi
rt001 rt002 rt003 rt004
rt005 rt006 rt007 rt008
rt009 rt010 rt011 rt012
rt013 rt014 rt015  
--and of Course, "The Levy"