Paul Smith InterRail Europe 1976

While the UK was sweltering in the hottest summer in memory, David, Alasdair and I toured Europe courtesy of InterRail. Was hot in mainland Europe too, but they wre used to it. The ticket cost £65, to go pretty much anywhere we liked, no restrictive "Zones" then. I was 17 - and in that month lost a stone, and developed a water solubale sun tan --- . I no longer have the ticket (we got £3 back if we handed the ticket in on return), but I do have most of the brief diary I kept. View diary

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europe-1976-001 europe-1976-002 europe-1976-003 europe-1976-004 europe-1976-005
europe-1976-006 europe-1976-007 europe-1976-008 europe-1976-009 europe-1976-010
europe-1976-011 europe-1976-012 europe-1976-013 europe-1976-014 europe-1976-015
europe-1976-016 europe-1976-017 europe-1976-018 europe-1976-019 europe-1976-020
europe-1976-021 europe-1976-022 europe-1976-023 europe-1976-024 europe-1976-025
europe-1976-026 europe-1976-027 europe-1976-028 europe-1976-029 europe-1976-030
europe-1976-031 europe-1976-032 europe-1976-033 europe-1976-034 europe-1976-035
europe-1976-036 europe-1976-037 europe-1976-038 europe-1976-039 europe-1976-040
europe-1976-041 europe-1976-042 europe-1976-043 europe-1976-044 europe-1976-045
europe-1976-046 europe-1976-047 europe-1976-048 europe-1976-049 europe-1976-050
europe-1976-051 europe-1976-052 europe-1976-053 europe-1976-054 europe-1976-055
europe-1976-056 europe-1976-057 europe-1976-058 europe-1976-059 europe-1976-060
europe-1976-061 europe-1976-062 europe-1976-063 europe-1976-064 europe-1976-065
europe-1976-066 europe-1976-067 europe-1976-068 europe-1976-069 europe-1976-070
europe-1976-071 europe-1976-072 europe-1976-073 europe-1976-074 europe-1976-075
europe-1976-076 europe-1976-077 europe-1976-078 europe-1976-079 europe-1976-080
europe-1976-081 europe-1976-082 europe-1976-083 europe-1976-084 europe-1976-085
europe-1976-086 europe-1976-087