Dieppe Ferry Terminal Photos by
Paul Smith


Newhaven wouldn't be complete without its link to Dieppe. These pics show the old ferry terminal / "Gare Maritime" starting with
photos from 1982 with the ferries Valencay, Villandry and Senlac, then show the Stena days in the early 90s and finally
the demolition of the terminal and the end of the rail link.

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dieppe ferry dieppe ferry terminal 01 dieppe ferry terminal 03 dieppe ferry terminal 04
dieppe ferry terminal 06 dieppe ferry terminal 07 dieppe la gare maritime dieppe new terminal
dieppe no railway dieppe no railway 02 dieppe no railway03 dieppe railwayman
dieppe senlac dieppe terminal 01b dieppe terminal from ferry dieppe valencay doors
dieppe villandry dieppe villandry departs dieppe villandry doors stena at dieppe terminal 01
stena at dieppe terminal02 train at dieppe station train at dieppe station-02 train departing