Colchester City and Guilds Photography 1976-1978 

Bob Cathmoir

It was very great sadness that I heard Bob passed away on March 27 2015. Bob was an inspirational teacher, who enabled so many of us to realise a career in photography, our shared passion. He managed the impossible, of being a friend to the students while retaining their respect. I'll never forget the parties he organised, the farewell at his house, and having drinks ready for us in the pub after our final exam.

I'd be pleased add to these pages any comments/memories other alumni might have.

Thanks Bob

Paul Smith


Simon Dove CIHE 76-78
So sad to hear the news, Bob was great teacher, had a great sense of humour and would always go out of his way to help you.
One of the old school and I will never forget my time at the college with him. A guy with a passion for photography and just a thoroughly nice chap.

Bob Cathmoir at Colchester College 1977
Hi everyone who studied photography under Bob Cathmoir (!) at Colchester. Started off as North East Essex Technical College and School of Art, then became Colchester Institute of Higher Education, and now, I believe, Colchester University (Sheepen Road). I'm Paul Smith, who was there 1976-78. The following pages show pictures of fellow students on the course. Click Enter below to view photos
I can't remember all the surnames, so do get in touch if you find yourself  here.

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Bob Cathmoir 1977