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Youtube in PowerPoint (March 2015)


Still not quite clear what works where. In theory you can use the insert video from Yotube/online, depending on which version of Office you have, and what updates have been installed. OK if you know, on your own PCfor example but if you're relying on an employer to make network updates, or you're visting somewhere, there's no knowing. So, If at all possible, and copyright allows, download the video as a WMV using a free program such as Freemake Video Converter. If not and you're feeling a bit technical try the Shockwave Flash method below. After that I've put instructions for the insert from website, just in case.

"Embed" Youtube video using Shockwave Flash Object - Requires Interent Connection
Let’s look at PowerPoint first. You need to use the developer tab on the ribbon
It may be that you cannot see the developer tab. If not, you need to enable it.
In PowerPoint, got to File>Options>Customize Ribbon (or right click on the Ribbon and Select customize the ribbon)
In the right hand column of the window that appears, tick the option Developer, and click ok.
The developer tab will now be available.

The video

Find the URL/address of the Youtube clip. You will need to edit this address. Copy the address and paste it into Notepad. (Or if you don’t know where that, is paste the address into a PowerPoint slide, and delete it when finished)

Edit the URL
Delete watch? From the address, and replace the = symbol with a forward slash
Old Link -
New Link -

In PowerPoint, select the slide where the movie is to go. Now click on the Developer tab, then on the More Controls.
In the box that appears, scroll someway down the alphabetical list and select Shockwave flash object

  More Controls icon More Controls Icon in 2013
More Controls Icon in 2010
When you click ok, the cursor will change to a cross-hair. Click and drag the cross-hair to draw a video window in your slide

Right click the area you have drawn, and select Properties (in PowerPoint 2013 this is called Property Sheet)

Copy the revised URL, and paste it into the box next to Movie, then close the Properties window. Nothing appears to have changed within the slide, but when you go full screen to present, the Youtube video will appear, and play when clicked.
This all becomes quite easy after a few attempts!
Other bits and pieces

If you need the clip to start/finish at specific times, add this to the address, using times in seconds
- e.g. start at 40 seconds and finish at 70. ?start=40&end=70

so you would have

If you want the clip to autoplay, add &autoplay=1 after the address. e.g. -
And if you want to auto play the specific times, combine the two -
You can also use these addressses just as Hyperlinks directly from PowerPoint - the Youtube page should launch full screen

Using Insert Video (PowerPoint 2013)
On the PowerPoint insert Tab, choose video>online video
This brings up the Insert Video window. The Youtube option is to search for a video,

Type in your search, " Newhaven Dieppe Ferries"and click on teh magnifier icon, or click enter. This brings up the thumbnails. Select an item and click insert, and after a momentary pause, the video appears in your slide.


Altertnatively, navigate directly to your youtube video of choice, click on Share>Embed, copy the embed code from the Youtube page (either the code that appears dierctly, or tick Use old embed code) and paste it into the From a Video Embed Code window. Click the little right pointing arrow, and after that short wait, the video will apear in yor slides

It's unclear to me at present whether a presentation that works on the computer on which it was created will work on another. So here's an example to test. Download PowerPoint test


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